Your Injury Law Firm


The Mission of The Edward A. Williamson Law Firm is to provide excellent legal representation in pursuing each client's rights and remedies honestly, conscientiously and with zeal. Each injury attorney at our firm strives to earn the trust of each of our clients and treat them with the dignity, courtesy and consideration that they deserve. Professional competence is our method; achieving justice for our clients is our goal.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that every person living under the rights and privileges of our great Constitution is entitled to full and equal access to our Courts, a full measure of justice and equal treatment before the bar of justice. Each Mississippi accident lawyer at our firm has the duty to safeguard and ensure his clients' rights.

Our Goal

Our goal is to obtain for our clients a full measure of justice. That means every dime of compensation they are entitled to in personal injury cases, and a full vindication of all their rights in all other Civil and Criminal matters.

Summary of Credentials

The National Trial Lawyers certifies that Mr. Williamson is a member in good standing of The National Trial Lawyers and has met "The Standard Of Excellence" for selection to "TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS" FOR 2012. The Edward A Williamson Law Firm has years of success in the court room. To learn more about our law firm, contact us, we are confident that we can be your Mississippi Injury Lawyer today. Edward A. Williamson is also a President’s Club Member of the American Association for Justice; a lifetime member of the Leaders Forum of the Mississippi Association of Justice, as well as, continuing his membership in the American and Mississippi Bar Associations.

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