Edward A. Williamson

A career dedicated to zealous, honest and high-quality Legal representation, with over $80,000.000.00 in jury awards and settlement dollars for our clients to show for it. Each legal right is a serious one and we take serious cases seriously.

Products Liability; involving unsafe drugs, automobiles, and medical appliances; medical negligence and malpractice; negligent driving; negligent design; fraudulent misrepresentation; breach of warranty; and other wrongful acts that result inharm to person or property.

Edward A. Williamson

Experience as District Attorney, prosecuting hundreds of cases over an entire Judicial District; Circuit Court Judge over that same District; Presiding Judge of Bar our State Supreme Court's bar complaint Tribunal; trial of hundreds of jury and nonjury trials over a career of over 35 years.

Professional competence is our method; achieving justice for our clients is our goal.


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