Mississippi Prescription Drug Injuries

Information Provided by a Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer

Since the 1990's, The Edward A. Williamson Law Firm has been a leader among the law firms pursuing so called "mass tort" litigation throughout the country.

Our firm is currently pursuing the rights of clients injured by hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Premarin with Provera, Prempro, and other HRT combinations of artificial progestins and estrogens, in the federal courts of Mississippi and Arkansas; we are in the process of settling all these cases, having reached a "global" or some may refer to it as an "inventory" settlement, meaning we have basically settled all the cases. As we conclude the hormone therapy litigation, we are continuing our efforts for clients injured by the use of Actos, Fosamax, SSRI, and Zometa and beginning litigation for our clients injured by the blood thinning drug, Pradaxa and the drugs, GranuFlo/NaturaLyte, drugs administered through the arms of dialysis patients.

To learn more about our prescription drug injury cases, contact a Mississippi personal injury lawyer at our firm today.

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